I have other projects,
but my 1 project that I'm most proud of is:


Because voiceJOY came from a desire to help those who are mute, have a speech disorder, or have suffered a vocal injury.

Voice-activated virtual assitants, like Google, Alexa and Siri are becoming more a part of our lives but those who are unable to use their voice can't enjoy these new and exciting technologies.

voiceJOY is my attempt at helping those who are unable to use their voice to still enjoy these voice-activated devices.

My Vocal Injury...

While developing this app, unfortunately I also developed a throat infection.

A day or so later, I was no longer able to speak much because of the pain.

I actually began to use voiceJOY to help me communicate with my Alexa device during my recovery.

The throat infection was not pleasant, but it was a great feeling to see that voiceJOY can truly be used in practical ways to help when needed.

I hope you enjoy, voiceJOY !


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VoiceJOY Web App

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Web Speech API

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Instagram Clone

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Firebase

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Microsoft Clone

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React